Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Change to the Blog and Blog Recommendations....

As my blog continues, it gets a bitter harder to find things easily.  The labels off to the right are nice, but a bit cumbersome to sort through.  So, to account for all of that I decided to use the "Pages" feature that you see across the top directly under the banner, a new feature here at the Madhouse.  This will have such things as links to all my tutorial posts, tips on various hobby things, popular and some unpopular conversion how-to's and examples, and miniature / product reviews.  I would like to point out particular attention to the Tutorials, as I have planned to do additional tutorials and will accept requests also if there are things readers see that they want further explained.  Right now the tutorials are on how I sculpt armor plating, make tabards out of green stuff, make caparisons for horses, how I make my movement trays, and forest littered basing.

Eventually there will be other things added, I'm contemplating things such as the compliation of the Old Stuff Wednesday posts, Army pics, etc.  If you have further suggestions, feel free to let me know.  

Furthermore, my blog lists are expanding on the blogs that I follow and read.  I'm planning to reshuffle some of them a bit and organize them a bit better. 

A long time ago Sons of Taurus, was kind of enough to plug my blog as I was getting started, and he continues that tradition of plugging gems that he finds.  I have also done that since and will continue doing it also.  So, I recommend the following:

The Butcher's Bill...I have recommeded this blog before and more people need to follow it.  It's my buddy's blog, the infamous Old Coot himself, Mike Butcher.  His work has been in White Dwarf more times than I remember and has one more awards for his army builds than anyone that I know.  His current passions lie in historical Warhammer Ancients armies, so if you are a WAB guy you will be interested in his work.  He also has a ton of 40k and Fantasy stuff too.
The Butcher's Bill

Wappellious...I have met James once, he is an easy guy to spot and remember who he is.  He is one of the more prolific miniature painters out there.  His style of painting is one that I really envy.  And he is also into building armies.  Currently his blog is like this art gallery and that is probably his intent, but it is quite eye wateringly good.
James Wappel Miniature Gallery

Lost In the Warp...This another friend of the Madhouse Workshop and the brainchild of great hobbyist, James Craig, otherwise known as tkkultist.  James also has won a number of awards over the years.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for James' work, and to boot he is a very friendly dude.  And yes James I will build you a beastman...for exchange of one of yours....
Lost In the Warp

Laughing Ferret...Now this is a blog that has attracted my attention recently and I recently added it to my bloglist.  Very quirky and funny posts, but also extremely attractive miniatures and good conversions are present.  Recommended.
Laughing Ferret



  1. Thanks for the mention!
    For organizing the blog I like the idea of the pages, I may have to make more for mine too.

  2. Good call on the pages... And thanks for the kind words!