Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crusading Infantry additions...

More of the meager additions.  My Perry Miniature's a love - hate relationship.  I sure hope that Conquest Games releases some good looking plastics.  If you know me well, you know that a pet peeve of mine is metal miniatures, I generally dislike them. 
 In a lot of ways wish I would have taken the time to separate the spears from these miniatures.  The metal is so soft and one little bump bends the dug-on spear.  I like working with plastics, not this stuff.  Anyways, meager additions again.  3-more English like models, and 3 more infantry from Jerusalem.
They turned out okay for back rankers and quick paintjobs. No real conversion work, other than the use of some plastic shields without the bosses.   Hopefully next time we see these they will be with the rest of the unit.


  1. Fantastic work! You definitely have the lion rampant down! Best, Dean

  2. Really awesome work! These will look great in large units. How large are you going for?

  3. How quick is a quick job? Very effective freehand too.

  4. Thanks guys. When all complete it will be at least 7 wide and 3+ deep to take advantage of the +2 max rank bonus.

    How quick...probably and hour tops on the metallics in my typical assembly line action, I painted the basic coat dark metal, highlighted with two brighter metallics, then Vallejo Smoke and a black wash. Colors I'll lay a base coat, then put 3-4 highlights in my pallete and paint and all of them at once, on 6 minis probably slightly less than an hour. Same goes for the heraldry, base color layout, then put 3 colors in the pallette and go. Add and hour to paint all of the rest of the details.