Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Stuff Wednesday - August...Painted Chaos Word Bearer

Back in 2003 or 2004, I was expermenting with color schemes.  I had just basically came out of my blue painting phase and wanted to try some new color schemes and this was my test piece for painting red, and entering my red phase.  A chaos Word Bearer.
I do like Word-Bearers, just for all of the stuff that is draping off of them, which can make for a very dyanmic look.
 The base was the first time I used cork back then.  Not really something I would recommend for army builders, as its not very durable.
Back then I did struggle painting skulls with GW white paints. 
The writing on the parchments are a combination of paint wash and defined by a very small Micron pen.
I was very happhy with the way the power sword turned and the overall depth of the red.
So there is my only painted Word-bearer.  The mini placed in Adepticon's paint contest back then and won me alot of Green-Stuff.


  1. Yes it is. I still have this guy in my collection.

  2. Really awesome work there. The red has wonderful depth. I wish I could manage that. The parchements are great too. I must find myself one of those pens.