Thursday, August 25, 2011


A rather large group of guys locally have been playing Malifaux lately and keep telling me that I ought to play the game with them.  I really don't know anything about the game, other than it does not use dice, it mixes elements of fantasy and steampunk and some other stuff, and I know of some of the miniatures.  To be very honest most of the miniatures do not really appeal to me, they seem to have a strange style.  So with knowing that, I decided to challenge myself and use some Reaper Miniatures instead.  Mostly some Werner Klocke sculpts, that I know for a fact can be painted well, and I'm interested to see if I can paint them well or not.  I'll probably have to add a few guns, but I have an idea on my crew after looking at some of the Malifaux groupings of miniatures.

So with that all said here is my planned crew.

Kaesandra (I think that is the name)
And the Duke (the lone Bobby Jackson sculpt)
Above photos are all from Reaper's Web pages.

Now many of you have been following me for awhile on my blog and forums, I bet you never saw that line-up coming.  lol  It is a huge departure for me in style and well most of them being females, not something that I paint often.

I'm looking at trying to push my paint work a bit.  I don't know that I'll ever even play the game, but I've accepted the challenge of converting and painting some miniatures and look forward to seeing if I can pull off this project.  If not there will be some cheap miniatures on Ebay.  lol


  1. Hah! What color range are you looking at?

  2. Haven't completely decided yet. I'm kind of leaning towards greens and leathery browns with maybe a bit of orangish reds for the contrasting color to the greens. There will definitely be some Jen Haley influence going on. Right now, as weird as it sounds, the skintones, faces and eyes are what really concern me, not sure I can pull those off. Well except for the duke.

  3. Yeah, I guess female skin and eyes could be tough.