Thursday, August 25, 2011

Archers!!...Fire at poor Will .... More Romans

I did not expect to return to doing any Romans, but the local WAB tournament changed mind, as I thought I needed a few more archers for the army. 
I decided to do these in two stands of four each.  Also something different for me, I'm typically used to doing my miniatures as singles on single bases.  Lately though I have been rethinking that for most of my army stuff, working in bigger bases.
I do hate how most sculpters do arrows.  You can never get the white metal arrow shafts straight.  I saw recently the Musketeer sculptor just doing the fletching and allowing for a steel or brass pin to be inserted into the fletching for the shaft.  I think that is really cool idea.
Next post back to marauding.  Until next time.


  1. I am cutting thin down wire javelins for my berber archers, it is working pretty well, a lot of bang for little time spent. Remember to bend the bows to make them look as if they have tension on them. I left some with no arrows and the bow relaxed to look as if they have just let loose...

  2. Hey! I missed these - nice work - I know what you mean about the arrow shafts - some of the Warlord Easter archers have them. Otherwise nice figures. Best, Dean