Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Marauding....the Horde grows with more painted minis

This model was a really old conversion sitting in my box, dates back to my beastmen army in '03.  Finally decided to paint it.
Even though its essentially a gor it'll work for my mutant marauders.
Pluse I kind of like the action of the pose.
The one below will be part of my great weapons marauder unit, another somewhat odd mutant.
And this pair.  Again a converted Gor from 2003 that I never used, so I popped off the head and fixed him up.  I have also used a few flagellants in the previous group of marauders so this will just be another addition.  The weapon head is actually from skaven left over bits.
 What's chaos without some grisly trophy?


  1. Lovin this project...keep up the great work!

  2. Very beautiful painting. Regards, Dean

  3. Lovely work, I can't wait to see them put together in a unit. Definitely going back old school :)