Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WAB Tournament Results - La Crosse's River City Hobbies

With a relatively short amount of preparation and notification to people interested, we managed to pull off a tournament in Warhammer Ancients Battles with help from our local Fantasy Guru who is well experienced with doing Warhammer styled tournaments on the Fantasy side of things.
We managed to generate a good amount of interest, having at one point 16 individuals signed up to participate in the event in the worst time of the year for a tournament being summer, which is good considering that the Warhammer Fantasy tournaments sometimes struggles to fill 28 spots for a much more popular game.  We did not want to collect entry fees and such and have to go about doing refunds to people on such short notice, so we just allowed verbal commitments, which allowed for people to back out at anytime.   In the end we had 10 people show up.  With the short notice and poor timing of the event we considered this to be a success, as we anticipated having 10-12 players. 
The tournament was a 3 round event, using victory points to convert to battle points.  Round 1 was Take and Hold the center, Round 2 was a Flanking attack, and Round 3 a pitched battle.
As you can see we had some good talent show up.  Bennett and Mike Butcher are very well known for being extremely good converters, army builders and painters.  Kevin and the Matts play a considerable amount and are very good tabletop generals.  In the end, Bennett won the overall, Kevin was as usual the most jovial, Mike Butcher took home the top spot in Paint since Bennett was the Overall winner.
Name Army Battle Sports Paint Total
Bennett Blalock-Doane Early Imperial Romans 10 11 16 37
Kevin Bruins Carthage 2nd Punic War Italy 10 15 12 37
Matt Herrbold Crusaders 1.5 9 11 14 34
Mike Butcher Saxons 6 12 15 32
Shawn welte Imp. Romans 3 13 15 31
Jerrod Horstman Shieldwall Normans 4 12 13 29
Mike Bates SW Flanders 7 10 11 28
Rich Nelson El Cid - African Invaders 2 12 10 24
Matt Jayjack Vikings 7 11 5 23
Abe Warpinski Ancient Greeks 2 13 5 20

And as you can see with my 3 in Battle points my Romans definitely struggled, I drew Kevin in the first round and played to a draw, Viking Matt in the second round and minor loss, and Flanders Mike in the Third round to a crushing defeat. 

A special thanks to everyone that was interested and attended.  We plan to do this again.

Edit:  Its been brought to my attention by our Tournament Organizer that there are possibly a few errors in the paint scoring, due to a glitch in Xcel sorting.  The winners do have correct scores, battle and sports are correct, Bennett's score is correct, and my Romans did tie with Mike Butcher, but the others may be off.  We apologize for the errors.

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