Friday, August 12, 2011

Conradt the Crazed...the newest Marauder

There are some miniatures that are aptly named, and "the Crazed" is very fitting for this Red Box Games, Tre Manor miniature.  Just look at that face.
This along with the previous two are perhaps my favorites of Tre's sculpts.  You cannot help but have an evil smile on your face while painting this miniatures melon.
Like the rest of the Helsvakt line and some of his Reaper sculpts, I really love this armor and its what I would envision Chaos Marauders wearing to battle, spiky and gladiatorial like.
 The basing is typical of my Chaos Warriors army.  HO Scale RR ballast, the rocks are fake, and just broken pieces of cured Apoxie Sculp.  The base painting is five different dry brushed/stippled colors. 
A fall like burned out static grass from Woodland Scenics and a likewise burned out arid Grass tufts from Joefix.
There your are Conradt the Crazed!