Friday, September 2, 2011

More Marauders...Tre Manor types...

The last batch of the Red Box Games Helsvakt for now.  These like the other Tre Manor sculpts, practically paint themselves. 
I've enjoyed just painting every one of the models, did not even bother converting them.  Very unusual for me.
The blue effect on the shield turned out pretty cool looking.  This one I did flames on the tabard. 
One of the few with a different weapon.  Not really into the style of the hammer.  I did drop it and knocked the hammer up a bit, need to fix the chipped paint on the handle.

This shield is pretty cool.  The skulls and bones off the fur and belt are so cool looking.
And I do like the head on this one.
A bit better on the shield on this one.  I need to remember to reverse the Hot Rod flames on the blue tabards sometime.

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  1. Dunno about "painting themselves" - but you sure did a great job on them. Wonderful work as always. Best, Dean