Monday, September 12, 2011

Khorne's Latest Devotees....New additions to the Marauders

Not exactly sure why I chose this weapon, but I did.  Pose-wise I like the miniature, the armored shoulder probably needed a bit of work in hindsight, but that's probably more time than a miniature worth so few points really deserves..
I do like this gor torso, it is mean.  And this head is killer to me.
 If his mouth was open screaming, the model might even be better.
Note on the back side the tabard, with the Khorne symbol in my blue flame colors.  I've elected not to go the standard Games Workshop Circus Candy Chaos look.  No mismatched units with primary colors.  All my models for this army will be in the color scheme, whether Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Khorne, or Nurgle.   If the sacred numbers of Chaos are meaningless, as are the themed mono-god armies or the hatreds amongst the chaos gods to GW's very own fluff, then so too are their color schemes.

And this one, also part of the Khorne unit really did not turn out great, modeling wise, but it will work out as a rank and filer.
As always many more to follow.


  1. My goodness; there is so much detail wrapped up in one of your figures. Very inspiring work. Best, Dean

  2. Decapitatin someone with a mace and getting such a clean cut is a neat trick.