Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Mutant Marauder...An OOP Marauder...A Reaper Marauder

Next up for my Chaos Marauders is converted mutant.  The new gor torsos really have alot more detail to them.  I do like the gore that they have.  It helps impress the evilness of chaos.
 This mini has a bunch of parts used to make it.  Definitely will fit in with the others.
The next miniature is a old OOP GW metal marauder that I converted to a great weapon armed marauder.  I still like these old chaps.  This one will be one of my middle rank and file models.
And there is this old boy, another of the Tre Manor Reaper Miniature sculpts.  Not his best work, but a cool miniature in my book.  I'll probably put it in the middle ranks.
Getting closer to assembling the jigsaw puzzle of units, meshing old work with all of this new work.  I will also be doing a long awaited tutorial on how I build movement trays very soon for all of the Fantasy and Historical readers.

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  1. Nice - I have a big unit of Marauders awaiting greenstuffing before I can undercoat, so your various awesome Marauder minis are rather inspiring!