Friday, September 9, 2011

Bring on more of the Mutant Marauders - finished pics

No go-karting tonight as the asphalt season has ended.  So back to miniatures.  Below are more of the mutated marauders.  Churning out a few more just as I begin to pack to move to a different living space.
This one is a bit odd, using bloodletter legs and a marauder torso.
 Makes for a strange looking miniature.  I did shave off all of the little bumps on the legs.
The next one is a kit bash.  Although, the gor body was again a left over from beastmen army back in 2003.  Back then I was doing a lot of the overlapping armor plates as shown on the leg.  This one will go in the great weapons unit.
I like this dude.  It uses the marauder cav head coupled with a new beastmen gor torso.  I see I forgot to give him eye brows.  Ooops.
I think the shield turned out kind of cool looking.
Another great weapon rank and filer.  I will bury this little guy in the midst of bigger guys.
Last one of my old metal oop beastmen.  I do like this dude.
That's it for now, but as always more to follow.


  1. PC: More beautiful artwork. Your talent is evident in all of your figures. These guys look especially intimidating too. Best, Dean

  2. I love all of this! It's getting me itching to work on my own WoC. Thanks!

  3. very sweet. good job. I am forwarding you to SC John, he is working on something like this
    SC Mike
    Santa Cruz Warhammer