Thursday, June 16, 2011

Painted Norman / Crusader Spearmen Unit

A very small spear unit. Definitely not done with these dudes. No movement tray yet. I did go with a variety of looks. Some English, some French, some crusaders, some from the kingdom of Jerusalem.

The goal of this army is to play over a variety of periods and different settings.

The banners did turnout better than the Hospitallers. I also did do a bit of converting adding some surcoats to the mailed Perry Normans.

Some of the figures are from the Perry's HYW line. Note that quite a few of the shields are from GW High Elves, I was trying to get rid of the bosses and this was a quicker way of doing just that.

Not sure when I will get back to expanding this unit. I was disappointed recently to hear that Conquest Games' plastic Normans on foot were going to be delayed considerably. So I will probably wait, and do some more knights in the mean time.


  1. I agree, you have an enviable painting style, it reminds me a little of the 'glow' you see on Kevin Dallimore's work, I would say they are even better in the flesh, so to speak.

  2. Those are some beautiful crusaders! Great job!

  3. Well done. Agreed that the colors are great.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed painting these guys. I was not sure I would enjoy painting them when I started because they were not what I envisioned and I braced myself for disappointment. I have always wanted to do this as a miniature army since I got into the hobby.

  5. Really nice. I a particularly like the cream and red, can you give away your secrets on those colours please?

  6. Sure. The Whites are of two different types, one the warm cream white, the other the cool gray white. Both use Reaper Master Series Bone Triads, the warm over a leathery brown color, the cool over a gray or dark brown depending on what I am doing. The cool one is simply known as Bone Triad. The warm is Ivory Bone Triad.

    The reds are the same as what I use with my Khorne Demon army, just a few less highlights and slight variances in color density, but essentially:
    Base Coat: GW Scorched Brown
    Highlights: Vallejo Model Color (VMC) Hull Red, GW Scab Red, VMC Red, VMC Carmine Red, and very small amount of VMC Orange Red added to Carmine. I do 50/50 blends for each color transition between Scab and Carmine. Carmine is similar to GW Blood Angels red. VMC is the most pure red. So yes that is one base coat and 7 Highlights. Reds take time to develop and make look deep. When I army paint, I normally paint with three colors at a time in my pallette.

    I think on these I dropped out the base coat went straight to Hull Red, and then definitely dropped the Orange Red final highlight.