Monday, January 14, 2013

Here be Vikings...Bondi Archers

Well, finally some final pics of the Bondi Archers for my new Viking Army.  I'm making slow progress at getting things done.  These are the metal Gripping Beast models.  Castings are a bit dated and bit rough.  Some of the heads have mold lines in bad spots.  I really wish they would surprise us all with some plastic bondi one day.  Probably a pipe dream on my part.
I decided to go with a more summer like approach on the basing for this army, so green static grass, green tufts, and  I think it looks fairly cool.  I've been doing so much dead fall looking bases for so long now that this was more of a happy change.
This was the first batch that I did with lots of different colors.  I think it turned out well, does not look quite like circus candy.  The red, blue and burnt orange schemes are old hat for me.  The other colors are lot of experiments with things and using paints that have sat in my case for years.  My goal is to use virtually every color I own.  Maybe I will discover something for the future.  That is kind of fun painting different colors and using different things to change their tones.


  1. Very nice indeed! I am doing some of the exact models at the moment.

  2. Beautiful work as always, PC. Best, Dean

  3. Nice paintjob. I also have the exact models on my paint table at the moment.

    I see that you have added some extra bits from the plastic kit, nice addition.

    1. Yes sir, they just were too plain looking and did not have enough eyecandy on them.