Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fallen Banner-Beastman

One of the things I enjoy doing is making pieces that I like to call eye candy.  Stuff that could be used for objective markers or captured standard markers.  I often forget to do this and come back to it after I have built the army.  This is one of those pieces.  I built this for my beastmen army.
I really need to finish it one of these days, by freehanding some design on the banner.  The figure is a leftover gor torso.  I took the top half of a beastmen standard and clipped it off.  I then added a bottom half made out of greenstuff, using a technique that you can find in my GS Cloth Sculpting Tutorial.  Link to Tutorial - Click Here
The feet/hooves sticking out from under the banner were sculpted by me.  The bottom of the banner, I simply drybrushed to add a bit of dirt and carnage.
The sword was a cool piece from one of Reaper's weapon packs.  I still need to go back and add the Tamiya clear red to make the blood more viscous looking.
I happy with the result.  I need to remind myself to do this with my vikings.

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