Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bondi Archers part 2

Well, last post you saw the first complete unit of my Viking army.  So I took a few of the miniatures and shot some close ups.  That is what follows:
I did a painting seminar locally late last fall and picked up one of the GW blue shade colors figuring someone might ask me what I thought of them.  The two miniatures on the right in the above pic, I used that on to shade starkly highlighted blue colors.  It works fairly good.  As you see on the green, I did that with a dark green acrylic paint that was heavily watered down.  So you really don't need to go out and buy that GW stuff to achieve a shade.  But I know people like it so, and I now need to use it up.
A couple more.  These two were fun, I had shields strapped to their backs.  I'm painting some and I'm using some Little Big Men studios for others.  So the goal was to paint the shields in that style of the LBM transfers.  I think these turned out pretty good for experiments.  The next ones should be better.