Monday, January 21, 2013

1st Viking Character and some of his companions...

 My first Viking character, and actually this a Anglo-Danish character model from Gripping Beasts Saga packs.  I have changed up the pose slightly.  Since he did not have a shield and he had this wimpy little axe, I decided to give him a much bigger Dane axe.  I took my time on the face even though it will get lost in the rank and file, I plan to use this model as part of a Saga force in the future.
The cape turned out fairly nice.  I do like the short fur that they put on the cape also.
The face has a very pronounced profile.  I like that.
Below is the first of the bus-car style base work for the Vikings. These models are actually in the second rank all spear and shield.  The shields are using some of the Little Big Men transfers.  So far I think my shield painting and these transfers work well together.  They don't work as well in a ultra-magnified photograph, but from a table top stand point I think they are alright.
One of the nice things about the GBPs, unlike the Warlord Games EIRs that I recently completed, is that they actually fit the 20 mm bases quite well.
The left and right model is the same pose but different spear arms.  My striped pants turned out pretty good, I will be doing more of that.
On the chainmail, I decided to go with a fairly dirty look.  I think that is working well and giving the models a nice look, and it really works well on the helmets also.  All of that is mostly using Secret Weapon washes, finished off with Vallejo Smoke.


  1. More fine additions to your warband, PC. I commend your decision to upgrade the character's weapon to this massive battle axe - fitting. Best, Dean

  2. Great addition to you viking force.
    And as you wrote, that guy has a nice profile.

  3. The stripped pants are excellent, I love adding them to my models. It breaks up what can be a monotonous colour scheme.

  4. Super nice, loving the Viking stuff.