Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP on the Desk....Don't try this at home

...unless you are mad.  Which sometimes I am.  Sometimes, I'm not sure why I do such things, it just sometimes, feels right to punish yourself to get a project done.  Adepticon is not that far away, and I have alot to do yet.  So why not do just about all of what remains at one time, assembly line fashion.
This is what is on my desk currently.  Yep.  75 Vikings and 6-movement trays laying on my floor.  Well....this is why I called this place the Madhouse Workshop afterall....


  1. I am in the same boat right now with my 40k Renegade Space Wolf and Traitor Guard Allies. I have 52 Guardsman, 49 Space Wolves and 1 Vendetta. Everyone one them line up on my desk in three separate assembly lines. For me this is actually the only way I can get an army painted in time for a tournament. I feel your madness bro.

  2. Good luck! I have recently been looking through some projects of the past and I think I need to have a deadline set so I can make some progress. Deadlines are good things....

  3. I struggle with a miniature a week!

    Hope it all works out in time for the event...

    1. When I'm doing armies I normally do 10-20 at a time anyways. 75 is a little bit taxing, but it will get done.

  4. The deadline is more or less self imposed. Adepticon just emailed the 3 month warning shot across the bow. I want to get the army done and play a few games with it. And the display is going to take a bit of time. The last couple of armies I never got the display done. The other thing that is happening is that closer I get to Adepticon, the closer we get to the racing season and building the new karts is going to use up some of that time. Last year I was finishing up miniatures on Tuesday night, at the track shaking down the new kart on Wednesday night, packing everything Thursday night and in Chicago by Friday afternoon. And I can't wait for both to happen.