Saturday, January 5, 2013

Custom Motorcycle Work

Alot of people ask me where I get my building things from.  Well it happens to run in the family.  My dad has been building things for as long as I can remember.  This is one of his projects, about 2-3 years in the works and nearing completion.  The motorcycle is his design, all bent in our shop.  The engine as you can see from the air cleaner below is a 124 cubic inch v-twin by S&S Cycle.  That is 2,032 cc's for our non-American friends.  An engine that he built and polished. 
The tanks are stretched Harley Davidson twin bobs. All the paint work is his.
He bobed the rear fender and added some custom bullet holes.  Battle damage for you 40k fans in the real universe.
The pic below is of the swing arm and brake.  The rear wheel is a large polished wheel, I believe he has 180 rear tire on this.  Supertrap muffler so you can tune the exhaust.

Its a pretty cool bike and one that even a 66 year old kid can get a kick out of.   Will be ready for spring, as will our new modern karts, and hopefully my old truck.  All the major projects coming to a close.

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