Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - January - Beastlord or Wargor #4

Circa 2004, I introduced a fourth Wargor and sometimes Beastlord to my beastmen army.  I realized after posting the previous Wargors that I've never shown this miniature on-line before.
The model is a converted GW Mordheim Beastlord.  Its not quite as nice looking as the other Wargors that GW has sculpted, but still it is a neat looking miniature.  Definitely unique amongst the beastmen and suitably powerful looking.
The painting style was much crisper than my normal beastmen, painted in the same scheme.
The decapitated head suits Khorne well.


  1. Nice painting PC. I have to admit, the furthest I've gotten away from historicals are some Greek Mythological figures - but your work is very inspiring in any case. Best, Dean

  2. I have one of these for my army as well - mabey it will even get painted thsi year ;) I have started on painting the two that you sent me, as well as butcher's and Swanson's should be ready by the end of the month I hope :)

    1. Its kind of a quirky figure, wish I could find the other pieces, can't remember what I did with that as I have a use for them in my orc army.

      I really look forward to seeing your paint work on those figures. I've based yours, but have been busy painting vikings lately, but I will definitely get to it.