Sunday, July 17, 2011

Skaven War Litter III Conversion...done

I've done two other conversions of Skaven Warlitters.  While I thought they were good conversions, I was not as happy with how the litter looked.  The model below is stuck to the base with some poster putty.
 The primary reason for not really caring for the way the litter turned out, was the poles were upright that the Storm Vermin carrying the litter were holding on to.
So for this one I decided to fix that.  And that fix works very nicely.  This is what I envisisioned in the first place. 
For the Lord model I used the one out of the basic boxed set.  Its a very cool looking model, for a simplistic two piece miniature. 
The Lord model does lean way forward so I knew I need to compensate for that by leaning the entire platform forward.   Did this by building up the base with Apoxie Sculp.  
 Below is another angle of the litter.  The Lord model is also on this big rock, I removed that with my dremel and then sculpted in the wood grain of the platform.
This one I'm happy with.   The base and big rat are one piece.  The front bearer platform and Lord are another piece.  The storm vermin in the back is separate.  And the banner is brass tube and removable, pinned to the platform.  Doing it in pieces like this will make it much easier to paint.  Assemble after painting.

All the lessons learned are being applied to an orc palanquin that I'm building from my new fantasy army.  It should look pretty cool when I'm done.


  1. He looks great! I like the leaning forward pose, though I wonder what it would have been like if it was leaning back balancing the forward movement of the lord?

  2. Very nice litter. I've seen a few done, and I think your bearers are the best I've seen, very natural posing. I quite like the forward momentum, it looks quite dramatic.

  3. Awesome conversion and timing as I am about to start not only my first Fantasy army but a Skaven one of that. Inspirational.

  4. Thanks guys your compliments are appreciated.