Sunday, November 11, 2012

Work In Progress on the Desk: 2 Units of Vikings

No racing today, just rain.  I managed to get in some work last night, and later today will get in some more work after I get in some engineering...  The above is a good shot of some of the shields.  I don't plan to paint alot of them.  The front ranks will be transfers using Little Big Men transfers, expensive when you are talking about as many models that I'm painting.  So to save a bit of money, the back ranks and shields on the back of the models will be painted.  I have a number of the transfers and looking at them, I decided to mimic that style as best as I could, with a small amount of damage and bit of dirty looking drybrush on the bottoms.  
Above are some more of the models.  Note the one with the GW head.
A broader shot, Bondi archers and the first unit of Hirdman ( which is actually the 'C' or third unit that I built).  Not the cool Gripping Beast art piece in the background for inspiration.
The next batch will get a few more with striped pants.  I like how that turned out.   That's it for now...making slow progress.


  1. Great work on those shield. They look real.
    Lovly colortones!

  2. Thanks man. The Little Big Men transfers are so good, I was not sure I could come close until after I did these few shields. Took a bit of time to do the first one, the rest did not take long to do.

  3. They look great, PC. The damages on the shields are excellently painted. Best, Dean

  4. I hate you. Well not really. Looking great. Very impressive.

    on a different note, did you get my email?