Saturday, November 24, 2012

WIP On the Desk: 1st Batch of Vikings nearly complete

Really starting to get back in the groove of painting.  I have the first unit of Viking Hirdmen, Bondi archers and my shield wall markers, along with a few extra figures basically done.  Only thing left is the banner.
The shieldwall markers are simply some shields, using the idea that Mike Butcher had done with his Saxon army that I have teamed up with a number of times.  I seriously changed up the way I paint flesh tones, and I think it will only get better from here on out.  I have watched a number of miniature painters over the years do some really cool stuff in fleshtones, and my models have been lacking in the area of the faces in particular.  Bennett Blaylock Doane in particular with his historical armies got me to realize just what I was missing.
I still need to clear coat and do a few little touch-ups and then it will be on to static grass and a few more different things as I attempt to spice up my basing a bit more, doing some things that I don't normally do.  Next time you see these they will be done and in a movement tray.

Next up for painting a new unit of Romans and another unit of Viking Hirdmen, as my Danes come to life.


  1. The army is shaping up beautifully. Congrats.

  2. Thanks, its been a fun army thus far.

  3. How did you do the flesh? It looks really good.

  4. For the fleshtones on the faces, I'm using the Reaper Master Series Fleshtones, Tanned Skin Triad and Rosy Skin Shadow from the Rosy Skin Triad, along with a highlight of Fair Skin Shadow from the Fair Skin Triad. What I'm doing is painting the skin with the Tanned Skin Triad, then going in to the areas which have a bit more blood and using the Rosy Skin for those areas, ie the Cheeks and Tip of the nose. Where the skin is stretched more on the bridge of the nose or say the cheek bone, I use the Fair skin shadow for the highlighting of the Tanned Skin Triad. After that is all finished I use a Flesh Wash from GW or in this case from Secret Weapon to shadow the recessed areas further.

    That may sound like alot, but I have all of the paints in my palette at once and paint every face completely before moving to the next one. Then I wash them all at one time after the paint has dried. The wash needs to be very controlled.

    And the little piece of artwork in the background is just a reminder of what I'm trying to achieve.

  5. Thanks for the guide. Very thorough!

  6. No problem J. No secrets around here, if anyone has questions, I'll do my best to answer, including older posts.

  7. Wow, great job on the Vikings.
    Its such a joy to check this blogg out to follow your work on them.