Sunday, November 18, 2012

WIP on the Desk: Oh...the Monotony

Yep.  Some 66 Viking Shields.  I've often been asked why I have painted some wood grain on the backs of the shields.  The answer is simple:  I'm crazy. 

Then I'm often asked if I painted them while glued to the model.  The answer is often a question:  Are you crazy?

I hope the front of the shields turn out better than the back sides.  Finishing up the first unit.  I'll glue the shields onto the models that are missing shields in the back ranks and paint those up.  You see there are two types of shields here, ones that were primed all black and ones that have the front primed white and the back primed black.  The ones with the white will get the Little Big Men transfers and I'll be putting those on in the early morning.


  1. Its only crazy if it doesn't work... :)

  2. That is partly true...On the bright side I don't have to do very many more of these.