Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Old Stuff Wednesday - November - There Once Was a Giant

Back in 2002-3 I build this crazy looking metal Giant for my Beastmen army.  Its an odd looking model to begin with and I think I made it even more odd. 
Not sure what I was thinking at the time with the horns. 
The axe on the other hand I knew exactly would work for the axe.  The blade was made out of plasti-card and the wood haft was sculpted GS around a metal tube.  The chain is a jewelers chain.
Added a couple extras to the back.  I remember being very happy with the paint work.  The Base is actually a piece of steel, the model kept tipping over so I fixed that by giving a 1/4" steel base.
I no longer own this model, but its one that I will definitely remember.


  1. Another fine piece, PC. I particularly like his face and eyes. Best, Dean

  2. I did the exact same conversion a few years back!