Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Stuff Wednesday - August...Painted Chaos Word Bearer

Back in 2003 or 2004, I was expermenting with color schemes.  I had just basically came out of my blue painting phase and wanted to try some new color schemes and this was my test piece for painting red, and entering my red phase.  A chaos Word Bearer.
I do like Word-Bearers, just for all of the stuff that is draping off of them, which can make for a very dyanmic look.
 The base was the first time I used cork back then.  Not really something I would recommend for army builders, as its not very durable.
Back then I did struggle painting skulls with GW white paints. 
The writing on the parchments are a combination of paint wash and defined by a very small Micron pen.
I was very happhy with the way the power sword turned and the overall depth of the red.
So there is my only painted Word-bearer.  The mini placed in Adepticon's paint contest back then and won me alot of Green-Stuff.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Putting the Mutant back in my Marauders... More finished Marauders

The Marauders are coming along, a mix of hand weapon / shield and great weapon types.  I need to get back to the mutant portion of the theme also, so these are the mutated ones.
 The mini above is another left over from my beastmen army back in 2003.
Awhile back I converted a whole lot of flaggelants into mutated chaos models.  I thought it worked well and decided to use up some left over stuff.
While doing that years ago, I determined that Ungor and Flaggelants are roughly the same size. and the parts are virtually interchangeable.
The old metal bestigors are also very different from the current line of minis, so they also make nice additions without any real work other than paint.
One of my two armed flaggelants.
Big weapons are always good for chaos.
I'm still using the flame motif.
We're getting there. 

Some karting pics...

No race last night, we'll race on Sunday afternoon, but a guy I work with shot some pics of some of my races.  This is from one of the heat races, I'm in the 05, second row on the left.
Taking the green flag
 Lap one closing in on the leader.
 Lap 2, I took over the lead.

Led most of the race, until the white kart behind us caught me and passed me on the last lap.  He runs a different engine, the Briggs, I'm running the Clone which is down on power in comparison.

Here we are staging for the feature.
First lap of the feature.  I finished 4th in the feature that night, second in my engine class to the silver kart.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Archers!!...Fire at poor Will .... More Romans

I did not expect to return to doing any Romans, but the local WAB tournament changed mind, as I thought I needed a few more archers for the army. 
I decided to do these in two stands of four each.  Also something different for me, I'm typically used to doing my miniatures as singles on single bases.  Lately though I have been rethinking that for most of my army stuff, working in bigger bases.
I do hate how most sculpters do arrows.  You can never get the white metal arrow shafts straight.  I saw recently the Musketeer sculptor just doing the fletching and allowing for a steel or brass pin to be inserted into the fletching for the shaft.  I think that is really cool idea.
Next post back to marauding.  Until next time.


A rather large group of guys locally have been playing Malifaux lately and keep telling me that I ought to play the game with them.  I really don't know anything about the game, other than it does not use dice, it mixes elements of fantasy and steampunk and some other stuff, and I know of some of the miniatures.  To be very honest most of the miniatures do not really appeal to me, they seem to have a strange style.  So with knowing that, I decided to challenge myself and use some Reaper Miniatures instead.  Mostly some Werner Klocke sculpts, that I know for a fact can be painted well, and I'm interested to see if I can paint them well or not.  I'll probably have to add a few guns, but I have an idea on my crew after looking at some of the Malifaux groupings of miniatures.

So with that all said here is my planned crew.

Kaesandra (I think that is the name)
And the Duke (the lone Bobby Jackson sculpt)
Above photos are all from Reaper's Web pages.

Now many of you have been following me for awhile on my blog and forums, I bet you never saw that line-up coming.  lol  It is a huge departure for me in style and well most of them being females, not something that I paint often.

I'm looking at trying to push my paint work a bit.  I don't know that I'll ever even play the game, but I've accepted the challenge of converting and painting some miniatures and look forward to seeing if I can pull off this project.  If not there will be some cheap miniatures on Ebay.  lol

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Marauding Mayhem...A couple more Chaos Marauders done.

Well I continue the use of models that are not Games Workshop models for my marauders.  Its not that I don't like their models, its that there are other models out there that I really like and so I want to incorporate them into the army. 
This model is a Reaper Miniatures, again sculpted by Tre Manor.  An awesome model and another that will be part of my Maruaders with great weapons.
I did do an axe head swap with a GW, great weapon.  The axe needed a bit more flare.
This is a huge miniature, a 30-32 mm tall miniature.   It will definitely anchor the flank.
And, speaking of great weapons.  This model has quickly become one of my favorites.  I love the faces from the GW Maruader horsemen.  They have very good detail.
This is also the first time I have do the shaven head look.  Having a lot of 5 o'clock shadow moments maybe helps, but understanding the paint washes helps more.
The shield strapped to the back sort of gives that Norse flavor, and I do like this shield with all of its gore.

We're picking them up and knocking them down.  Many more to come.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Chaos...Marauders with great weapons

I've worked with Matt Gubser quite a few years ago, helping him out of a jam.  It was good experinece.  Matt's been sculpting miniatures for years and has done work for Reaper Miniatures. 

The mini to the left is one of his sculpts.  I thought about converting the miniature and giving it some hair, but in the end left it alone. 

This model wll be part of my marauder great weapon unit.  Its a large model somewhere around 30-32 mm tall, bigger than a GW Marauder, but that is okay in my book.

This a cool miniature.  I like the armor even though its basic and not ornate.  I also think it works well with Tre Manor's miniatures. 
It also has very good musculature.  Matt did a very nice job with that.
As you can see, I've kept the Hot Rod Flames scheme.  And continuing the burnt orange and blue paint colors.  This unit will be marked with Khorne. 

 And to the left is another of the Tre Manor Helsvakt miniatures.  This one will also be in the great weapons unit.

Like the others, this one screams at you.
I do like everyone of these.  The sword is a sort of wicked piece of steel.  Not overly flashy but I do like it.
There is that power looking back and the great detail of the bones and skulls hanging with the fur.
That's it for now.  More marauders are still coming.

Vintage fine wine

I attended my first vintage karting event yesterday.  My old man was reliving his past.  And racing the kart below in the over 60 years old class, at Brodhead Wisconsin's Sugar River Raceway.
This is his kart.  A 1962 (I believe) Dart A-Bone, that was a complete pile of junk back in February.  He did a complete restoration of it, finished it about month ago and first put it on the track last Friday.
My grandfather, the original Spud-nut (yes we all have nicknames) bought him one of these years ago.  So its sort of come full circle.  Back then they really did on run much if anything for bumpers.  Thankfully we are bit smarter now, so he has extended the front out and added the bumper to protect his feet.  Dig that engine.  That is a McCulloch MC91, a racing version of their old chainsaw engine. I just love the blimp like exhaust pipe that the old two stroke needs.
And yes that is the gas tank strapped to the back seat.  Unfortunately the engine did not survive Friday's on track, as he siezed up the piston, so he went the the partial back up, did a complete rebuild Friday night and was racing on Saturday.
Stopping power back then was not good, another safety issue.  So above you more modern brake system.
Yes that tire has a tube in it, not like the modern tubless tires.  Below is another pic of the back-end. You can see the modern disc brake and caliper.
So it was neat to see him out on this.  And believe me it is fast, much faster than any kart I have driven ever.  Imagine people running two of those engines in the back, and they did, that is the definition of "stupid fast".  If you are more interested in vintage stuff, he bought the A-Bone frame, from a couple that calls themselves Black Dog Vintage Racing.  I met them yesterday a link to their web page of pix....

And a week ago, there was a Mike "Old Coot" Butcher siting, and not just at our local Warhammer Ancients Tournament.  Below are a couple pics of Mike trying to figure out go-karting the way it was meant to be.  I took him down to the Welte 40, 1/9th mile dirt oval, put him in one of our dirt racing karts.
He took things a bit slow at first and gradually got faster with every lap.  I think the speed was a surprise to him as well as the strategy on how to get around the track.  And it can be hell on the back if you are not prepared for it.
We did have a few mechanical issues, mostly all related to fuel.  This Ethanol E-15 mixed gasoline is really terrible stuff, not only does it contain lots of water, it gums things up, it eats up normal plastics and gaskets, and usually starts going bad in a couple of weeks.