Monday, November 21, 2011

Warhammer Movement Tray Tutorial ... Part 3 Apoxie Sculpt

The next installment of my movement tray tutorial.  In part 2 we constructed the basic tray and general shape.  Now we are going to bulk it out using Aves Apoxie sculpt.  Apoxie Sculpt is a two part modeling putty that takes many hours to cure, but cures very solid and hard.  Here I have mixed the two parts together and formed a long rope like piece.
As we also saw in the previous posts, I'm using a slate rock look on my Warriors of Chaos miniatures and movement trayes.  In the right hand corner of the picture below you see the fake slate rocks.  The rocks are, you guessed it, hardened Apoxie Sculpt that has been bust apart with a hammer.
The next picture I apply the rope to the tray.
Then I simply flatten out the rope, to get to the look below.  Nice and irregular, just the way I want it to look. 
Next up, I add the fake rocks.  These I simply push into the apoxie and I will allow it to cure overnight.
A close up of the one corner and the fake rocks.  I also pressed a rock into the corner and then placed layers in to that by using the blade end of my sculpting tool.
So now that is done, it will cure, and then you add the sand/flock/gravel whatever you are using.  In another post I'll detail how I add that and my trick at creating forest litter.  Until next time....


  1. very interesting! looking forward to the next part of this tutorial!

  2. Looking great.
    May I suggest something? I know you are going to flock it, but it would be interesting if you did a sand texture on the putty and since its very simple and fast to do It would probably look good if you mixed the sculpted & flock texture instead of just flocking everything with same style of flock...
    Pick a old toothbrush and poke the putty many times and it will make a nice sand effect :)

  3. Thanks guys.

    That is a very good point Nav. I've done that before long ago. I still have the other one to do yet, a bit of experimentation and an addendum is in order. What you have suggested is also often more controlable than flocking.

  4. Amazing. I'm totally doing these for my Marienburg Empire Army. I'll be at Adepticon for the Team Tournament (for Fantasy anyway), sporting some of these.

  5. Cool.

    I will be attending Adepticon also, playing Singles and Team in Warhammer Ancients.