Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Chaos Marauders

I was going through my bitz boxes recently and noted that I only had a few pieces left over for marauder bodies and beastmen bodies, so I thought I may as well use them up. I’m always running short on marauders anyways.
So here are some of the models that I came up with and converted, they ought to fit in well with my current mutated marauders.
The above, I had a torso leftover from an old metal centigor. Time to use it up.

I still have a ton of torsos leftover from converting Knightgors, so I may need to bitz order some more chaos warrior pieces down the road and use those up.
These guys below wll be placed in the middle ranks, so I'm not concerned that much with the shoulder joint issues. I did cut the gauntlets on a couple to rotate the hands.


  1. That's a mighty fine bunch of mutants...

  2. Thank you. I think they will good with my other mutants and barbarians.

  3. Yep really nice mutants here. Looking forward to seeing them painted?

  4. Working on a Marauders army at the moment, and i love your conversions!