Monday, February 21, 2011

Warhammer Ancients Norman Cavalry Progress

Making some progress on my Perry Miniature Norman Knights. Got all of the horses done on the first unit and most of them done on the second unit. I was worried that my sculpting of the sleeve-less surcoats was a little rough, but after the priming and I painted a couple, that worry soon faded. I'm still not as good as the Perry's, but I think my work is holding up.

Different view, you cannot buy them from the Perry Brothers like this.

Below is one of the robed Perry Crusader Knights, that model you can buy from them like that, minus the paint.

And below for comparison, is one of mine with the sleeveless surcoat and horse with a caparison.

Still have a long ways to go, have to do all of the heraldry type stuff. Paint all of the shields, all of the washes to define things. I plan on painting all of that after everything is basically done. Mainly because I'll be using one of my better brushes, a Kolinsky sable, and for consistency. Most of the stuff is just sitting in my head at the moment. Basing will be the last thing to do.


  1. Excellent, your surcoat conversions are very convincing. The way you've transformed these to more mid-to-late 12th century is something I've never though of before.


  2. Nicely done. I really like the metal finish on the one guys face masks. Regards, Dean

  3. Thanks guys. Got a bit more painting to do on these, but they are getting there. The metals still need to be washed, right now they are just highlighted metallics. My washing on them should improve their look even more.