Friday, February 4, 2011

Packer Space Marine Celebrating Stuperbowl Weekend

Well NFL Championship weekend...Green Bay Packers versus Pittsburgh.

As many of the long time readers of my blog know, I'm a big sports fan, following NASCAR, Wisconsin Badger Football and Hockey, and of course the Green Bay Packers. I had lived in the Green Bay area nearly 20 years and it is Packer Football 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No the city is not a ghost town during the game, there are other things that go on and not everyone is at the game, but the Packers are a very big part of the area. So....

What better way to show your team love than to make a Packer Space Marine to celebrate.

I must confess I made this a few years ago, but its still one of my favorite Space Marines. No its not the Traitor #4 Bratt Favre, its the legendary #66 Big Bad Ray, one of the Linebacker Monsters.

Yes that is a cheese wedge also. I really think people get to touchy about name calling and such, for those that don't know, people in the state of Wisconsin, USA, are called "Cheeseheads". We in Wisconsisn by the way call those in Illinois FIBs, I'll let you figure out the acronym.

At the time of making this, I had thought about doing an entire Blood Bowl team like this.

And one of the cool things about Space Marines is that many color schemes actually work on them.

Arms are from Chaos Beastmen. So with this shown and the coming Weekend's big game not to mention the UFC, you probably won't see much new work from this weekend.


  1. I always wondered why you never see Space Marines armies themed on the player's favorite sports team. This guy is pretty cool.

  2. Nice I even showed this to my mom, she likes the Packers, but I think she still likes Farve too.

  3. Very nice, and clever. Love the cheese too! Dean

  4. Many thanks guys. When I was building it I actually tried to put a face mask on it, but it was just too much.

    @Muskie: I was living in Green Bay when Favre was first traded to them, about the same age as him, to put it nicely, I don't like the guy, because of his off the field persona. I can tell stories...

  5. And i thought i was the only one who did NFL space marines,

  6. This is awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.