Friday, February 25, 2011

A 40k Cerulean Templar finished...First in a Decade

It has been a long time since I painted a space marine. It’s been a decade since I painted a marine for my Cerulean Templar 40k army.

We had a local contest, where we were given a model to paint and convert, and so I ended up with a mismatched set of bits for a plastic scout sniper. The problem was the torso was for the kneeling shooter and the legs were for the standing scout. So the solution was simple, wip out a quick conversion as I really did not have time to spare with the contest deadline, to cover up the problem. This meant converting a base, urban rubble to match my old army, and piece of GS on the cape.

I decided that I may as well do an urban camo pattern for the cape, since he is a sniper.

I’ve been doing so much Fantasy and Ancients/Historicals lately that it was refreshing to paint a 40k Space Marine. I’ve nearly forgotten how much fun a space marine is to paint.

Been thinking lately about doing another space marine army. I may have to revist the Medieval Space Marine theme or possibly do a Word Bearer army.

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