Thursday, February 17, 2011

Warhammer Ancients Roman Cavalry: Painted.

My Auxiliary cavalry unit is finished, one of the models in not pictured in this group shot, but they are all done. I think that I have finally figured out how to paint horses and came up with some color schemes that work.

I like the Warlord Games’ plastic models, but their metal models have been hit or miss with me. These are all metal. The majority of the model is cast well with not a lot of work to remove the mold lines. That is until you get to the arm holding the shield that is like a large glob of metal. A little carving with a chisel pointed xacto and some filing can fix that. The horses also have the typical flash you see on many metal casting between the legs.

At first I thought the horses were odd, as the legs and lower body of the rider are a part of the horse casting (not really friendly to people that like to kit bash and covert things), but after working with the Perry Norman Knights, I actually kind of like this setup. To me it is much easier to join the rider and with it being more of socket type join, it appears to be much stronger.

On the shields, I used the Little Big Men transfers.

On the transfer sheet instructions they recommend painting the shield white and then apply the translucent transfer.

Well I wanted a mine to look slightly worn and used, so I actually weathered the white under base with some washes, and then applied the transfer. Once again using these transfers nearly brings tear to your eyes as they are so good, so detailed, so well thought out, and so user friendly. They were actually center hole-punched where the shield boss is located, absolutely awesome.


  1. Great looking figures. The shield designs are a nice finishing touch.


  2. Hello. Great Job. Are this horses smallers than conquest games norman horses?

  3. Thanks guys.

    To answer your question Alvaro, yes. They are much smaller. The other potential problem with them depending on the period you are going for, is that the riders' legs are sculpted as part of the horse. And of course they are metal vs Conquest's plastic.