Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Orc & Goblin Hype...Preview the Savages, Its Coming

I see GW finally put up some previews of the coming stuff for the new orc and goblin book, and a number of people have jump to it posting about the stuff. I quickly took a look at the stuff. The book cover is attractive, and I generally like fluff, so I'm sure the book will appeal to me, especially since I plan on this being my future army.

I'm not an aracnophobe, more of spider killer, so the giant spider does absolutely nothing for me, I would rather have the wyvern model.

The savages! This is what I wanted to see. I want new pieces for my normal boys and hopefully this will work, and if not, I have new things that I can sculpt more stuff on. I was actually hoping to see that they were even more naked than what they showed, kind of like blood-letters, because it would be a better canvas for those of use who like to convert. I like the giant spear thing, I've been toying with the idea of a 50 mm base with orcs carrying a battering ram for my human bashing boys, this reinforces the coolness of the thought. I will definitely be doing that. The savage shaman I love the looks of as well as the character. And the savage boar riders are awesome looking to me. I do love the new boars, having semi-naked orcs make them even nicer to work with. I can not wait to get my hands on these. Yay! It will be like a kid during Christmas. I'll take them.

The little nasty goblin dudes, look very characterful, I hope that is a sign of this to come for goblins, and hopefully when they do remake the goblins, they are still multi-piece plastics and not like the DAMNED! Night Goblins and Spider Riders. I hate them, a converters nightmare are what those are.

Later today, the Vampire Count Bashing goblin wolf-rider unit.


  1. I'm very glad about those savage orcs too, but feel the same as you, that the blanker the canvas the better. Still, they'll be the foundation for a lot of good ideas to come - I can't wait to see what people do with them. A lot of feral Orks and yoofs are going to be appearing, and Snakebites too of course as someone at BoLS mentioned.

  2. I have an old 4th Edition Ork but basically Goblin army that I've been working away at for over a decade. I just need to base the big blocks and do up new war machine crew and it will be done to at least a 1000 maybe even 1500 points.

    I will get the giant spide I imagine, because I want to run a mostly gobbo army and I want a great shaman, so sticking the gobbo on that might be cool and at the very least will make an awesome centerpiece for photos, not sure how it will fit into my line.

    I'm old school so I almost think more about my line rather than the rules. I want a solid line and I still think about minimizing animosity. We'll have to see what those rules are like.

    I was going to add orks just to get the Big Waaagh spell deck now that may or may not be necessary. I have a lot of green skins for both fantasy and 40K but I'm not a fast painter...

  3. Hey I love the Night Goblins! Okay the BFSP ones are not that great though they can be used to bulk out other regiments. The actual boxed set night goblins though are fine as they are multipose. The problem being they are out of scale with a lot of the other goblins...