Friday, January 7, 2011

War Boss on the new plastic Boar

I've been wanting to work with these new boars since I saw them come out. They are very dynamic in pose, much better than the old ones and much better than the current Warboss Kit.

This boss was built on commission for the same person who commissioned the two shamen and two VC Orc boy units.

I decided to us the black orc torso with the armored legs of the normal boar riders.

That means covering the joins of the legs to the blorc body. Covered that with armor plates and mail.

I decided to add a bunch of glyphs as you see on the model's helmet, elbow, sword, and shoulder.

To continue the whole battling of the undead them, I put a broken tombstone on the base. This I will use again with the Wolf Riders.

I do like how the armor plating looks on the boar's head. I'm definitely planning to do some more of that.

Also when you do not use the boar rider arms, you will need to add some fur on the ridge of the boar's back.


  1. I too like the armour on the boars head...a very nice conversion...the addition of the glyphs really makes it

  2. Thanks Paul. Much appreciated. Being able to alternate work on this with the Painting of Perry's is helping keep things semi-fresh, as my knight painting is rather slow going at the moment.