Sunday, January 2, 2011

On the Road to Adepticon...

My journey to Adepticon is in full swing as the new year has started. I decided after last year that I would not be playing 40k and after seeing the goings on of the Fantasy realm that I would not play the Fantasy tourney.

The 40k decision was easy as I have not played 40k in a few years, though I have to say I'm being tempted to return the game, space marines are beckoning me.

The Fantasy tourney...I hate to say it, but their rules decisions for last year really soured me towards playing the tourney, the composition scoring was pitful in my opinion and having only one playable army ready to take to the tourney that was utterly killed by the composition scoring, I figured why bother. Also locally, in state, I think my Khorne Demon army is well liked, but there are a number of bloggers in that area that have talked smack about it the last time I went to Chicago and really I don't think appreciated my efforts. I'm pretty thick-skinned but some of the comments were uncalled for, ill-informed just quick glances based on their comments, and quite frankly ignorant in my opinion.
I know Marty aka Mr. Clean who runs Adepticon Fantasy. I like the guy, he runs good tourneys and fun events and attends the bigger tourneys here in Wisconsin. So I really don't know what the story was with last years tourney, and honestly I have not asked him. Marty is about fun wargaming, and that did not look like fun. I'm sure he will run a great event this time out, but 8th Edition is something I'm not comfortable with and not something that I have an army built to play. I am also currently annoyed with the rules changes. I played the local tourney here with my only playable army and got pretty well spanked by everything. That and I'm sick of painting Khorne Red, to make it playable for 8th, and the Warriors of Chaos is too far away from being in a playable form. So I will pass on Fantasy.

So 40k is out.
Fantasy is out.
So what to play. Why Warhammer Ancients 2.0. The game appeals to me. I'll be going there full force and playing WAB Singles and WAB Team, bringing with me the Romans and hopefully the Perry Knights for the Team effort. Its a smaller and olded turnout and played in a quieter setting. Geese I must be getting old. I'll be teamed up with my buddy Mike Butcher, our team is the "The Grumpy Old Coots".

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