Saturday, January 1, 2011

More of ‘dem Blue 40k Templars…Part 2

As we left off in Part 1, I was transitioning my 40k Blue Templars into a more medieval like theme which led into a full blown move towards attempting to make my normal space marines follow theme. Prior to that, I was using crests that I had sculpted on with drapings and purity seal like devices. I remember spending all kinds of time on these models, most of which learning the techniques that I can now do quite easily and quickly.

Made their helmets look more like great helms and added bits of mail to them. I began pushing my paintwork to add really fine detail work like on these shoulder pads.

I didn’t exactly carry that theme into my only heavy weapons team. Also note back then there was no kneeling plastic space marine legs. I had to build those legs.

I did carry it somewhat into the old OOP scouts that I used for my neophyte templars.

As I finished up most of the troops, I decided to build a dreadnought, and veered off painting a bunch of little details into it. Again pushing the use of heraldic devices on it also.

Looking back at the army, it really only had one unifying theme about it and that was the paint scheme. I certainly made a lot of mistakes with it, but it was full of experiments and a wealth of character back when Games Workshop did not have all of these special plastic sprues for the various Space Marine Chapters.

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