Sunday, January 2, 2011

Orc Shaman Conversion #2 Finished on Budget.

Why paint up a metal GW model for an orc shamen, when you can have more fun building one out of plastic pieces and a typical rank and file plastic orc boy and your bits box.

Of course not everyone can do the green stuff work, so that does make it a bit harder, but as seen with the first and with this secound one it can be done and give you something very unique looking.

The staff as you can tell by the glyph was once an orc boy spear, I added an overlay of GS and did the wood grain sculpting. Topped it off with a bit from the beastmen or skaven, can't remember which.

As you can see I gave him a pouch full of bones and other trinkets.

I think the tatter of bottom of the robe could have been better, an I maybe should have removed a tooth or two, but I am happy with the conversion.


  1. That's very good! I got 3 metal shamans on foot but I wouldn't mind at all adding something like that in my collection. That pouch is all the money (like we say).

  2. Really nice work and I think the basic princible can be applied to every army for making wizards or heroes. With a little bit of effort and practice there could be no need to buy the metal models and you get an unique character for the army.


  3. Looks great to me! I noticed you used some brown putty in addition, is it different than GS and what is it called?

  4. Many thanks guys.

    @ Goobles: That brown putty is simply called Brownstuff. It cures harder than GS, easier to get smooth, I often use it for armor and weapons and the like. No particular reason for using it in this case, if I remember I was just using up some that was already mixed up.

  5. Excellent sculpting; the wood grain on the staff in very nice. Dean

  6. Very nice work. The staff and pouch are great, and I like the flow of the robe at the rear.