Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beastly Chaos Space Marines

A long time ago when I was building my Beastmen army, I got to thinking about why we don't see many Beastmen influenced chaos space marine armies. I've always been quite fond of these guys.

I think its the facial expresions and weapons for the most part. And I converted all 85 of the models in my army similar to the ones above. I also chopped up quite a few of them to make my own plastic bestigors, since back then the only choice was metal bestigors.

That left me a lot of chopped up pieces and lead me to this. If you have a bitz box like mine, which is pretty much all chaos, you have plenty of capability to crossover.

Some of it works, some of it could be done a bit better. When I build I often build the army pieces first then figure out later what I want to do with the bases, learned this the from all of the Fantasy work.

Decided to leave the bulk of the gor tabards and buckles exposed and not take them off. If you look at the normal beastmen above those icons are just kind of drooping down around the waist.

The Ungor heads also work for a neat look. Marauder torsos look okay, definitely need to cover the shoulder joins, one of the truly awful things about that kit.


  1. I like the look of beast heads on marine bodies. I'm sure you are familiar with the ones Goatboy did for his Space Goats army?

    Here is a pic of a couple:

  2. Nice. TheInnerGeek has done up some good ones too: