Friday, January 15, 2016

WIP on the Desk: Purple Paint.....Purple Paint

Lots of purple.  A anglo, an Arthurian, and a Roman Emperor.  The purple on the Roman has been glazed and washed, a bit more smooth than the other two.  The Roman is getting very close to being finished.  Once done, it will go up on Ebay for sale.
The Arthurian from Saxon Miniatures is a fun model to paint, very much in WIP form as I still have lots of stuff to do on it.  Some of the fleshtones on the models in the background are nearing completion.  Just about all of these models are going up on Ebay for sale once done, just do a search for Madhouse Workshop.  Besides I need a bit of hobby cash to buy tires for the 2016 racing season.... :-).

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  1. Purple - the color of royalty - nicely done, PC!