Friday, January 29, 2016

Centurion!! .....And other guy....

Hey finally cranking things up a bit. I was never really happy with my previous Romans in my WAB army.  And I recently sold off about half of that army.  My intention is to replace all of the stuff that I was not happy with, with some newer models.  These are a couple of them replacements.  
I also was a little tired of painting red after years of painting Khorne and Romans, so in comes some white.  I think the whites turned out pretty cool.
 And as you can see he has a Manica signifying a veteran in my army.
Below is a left over head from the Praetorians box set with a legionary Scutum.
 I really like the looks of the this figure and also gave him a manica on the gladius arm.
 I'm also very happy on how the armor, lorica segmentata, turned out.  I used Reaper Master series' metallic paints on these.  Very smooth triad of colors that transition nicely with my assembly line style of painting on these.
More to follow.....


  1. Very nice work, PC. I actually ended up selling off my Warlord Games EIR. I never got around to playing them too.

    1. I've had fun playing them, once I learned how to play them, it's a cool army to play in WAB and CoE. Right now they are just eye candy in my cases, but I plan to use them in house on a game night once I get them back up to strength.