Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Old Stuff Wednesday - 2008 Chicago GT Best Appearance Army: Khorne Demons

The return of Old Stuff Wednesday. Its been a while since I last done an Old Stuff Wednesday post. I pretty much stopped some of my normal postings over a year ago after being diagnosed with some major health issues that led to an extended recovery and hobby lay off, but as I'm recovering I'm getting back to my old self and getting in some much needed hobby time. So, what better way of bringing back Old Stuff Wednesday that coming out with my most award winning and notable army that I have ever produced.....the Khorne Demons.

This army dates back to 2008, and I had some very stout competition for best appearance at Games Workshop's Chicago Grand Tournament organized and ran by former GW great Dave Taylor. This was the debut for this army, only a few people had seen it and knew what I was doing.

 In GT fashion for those that were going for the Best Appearance, of course I was a horrible player and tactician at the time (probably still am), every model in the army was converted in some way.

 The army was led by my Blood Thirster with a couple of Khorne Heralds, Flesh Hounds, msu Bloodletters, and a unit of Khorne converted Screamers.

 This was the first time that I really did anything elaborate on the basing. I came up with the idea of using pools of blood and the Khorne Demons sending their hapless victims to the pits of hell being dragged down in the depths of the blood pools.

 The pools were simply smoothed out bases, with red swirl patterns painted on them and then sealed with high-gloss polyurethane wood finish to give them some depth.
 The army later developed into something more playable, and I started to understand the tactics and and add some other things to it later on. It went on to win best appearances at all, but a couple of events that I played in and I think both of those, I was not eligible to win as I had won an appearance award at the GT or won best appearance at the previous tournament.
Above and below is one of my Heralds that also counts as Skull-Taker on occasions. 

I still own every piece of this army. A couple of the pieces are beginning to show their age and need a little repair, but the bulk of the army is still in pristine shape and it essentially is relegated to sitting in a tub not be used with the demise of Warhammer Fantasy.
Tune in next month, probably in couple of weeks for another episode of Old Stuff Wednesday.....


  1. Amazingly painted army, PC. A lot of the local gamers here in the Pac. NW are dusting off their WHFB armies and cobbling together warbands for Dragon Rampant.

    1. Yea, I have a copy of Dragon Rampant on order and will like do an Orc warband at some point. Although this army would likely make nice warband as well as my mortal chaos stuff. And then there is a possible fantasy Viking version for me too. So yea, I'm thinking Dragon Rampant may have lots of good possibilities.

  2. Fantastic basing! Really brings the Khorne theme all together. Well done.