Sunday, January 3, 2016

Been a while Since I Painted....

This time last year I was not sure what was going to happen health wise.  I thought I would be able to paint again if things went well and there was none of that c-word in the tumor.  Afterwards, I was not sure, my left eye was slow in recovery as it would not and still is not lubricating correctly.  Just blinking and closing it was a problem and still is occasionally.  Its gradually getting better, nerves are slow to heal.  I can't make it cry, and eating some foods makes it water profusely, and it still cracks open at night sometimes without my ability to control it perfectly.  With all that its taken me much longer to comeback to the hobby than even I thought.  If you would have asked me prior to surgery which would I be able to do sooner:  Getting back to work as an engineer, modeling and painting, or racing karts.  I would have said modeling and painting.  Turned out to be Work, Racing Karts, then hobby modeling and now finally painting.

So I started slowly on some terrain pieces, easy stuff.  You'll see that stuff in the next few days or so.  This is what I'm working on currently. 
I thought since its been awhile, lets retrain myself on how to use a wet palette and blend.  I base coated the metal on a few pieces and the picked some easy stuff.
The red cape on the Red Box Games dwarf is pretty stunning up close.  The green is a new color for me to play with from Vallejo.  Alot of my paints are showing the age, since its been a year since I have used them.
All those shields scattered about I worked on last night, with a bit of blending, drybrushing, washing, and then application of water slide transfers.  I'll be showing that Roman unit soon.

So I guess I can hold a brush again and see what I'm painting.