Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Roman Auxiliaries Finished

I finished painting these just prior to my surgery.  Yesterday I finally shot them with clear and photographed them.  24 Warlord Games Roman Auxiliaries.

I've decided that I have too many Romans at the moment with another two units built.  So I'm planning to part ways with some of them.  This will be one of the units that will be going up for auction on Ebay within the next couple of days, along with two units of 20 Early Imperial Romans from my collection.

 They are easy to paint models, not so easy to rank up, but they do look good.
I did cheat on the shields a bit and used the transfers supplied by Warlord Games.  The transfers do not however fit the shields easily.  Another of my many gripes about Warlord Games. 
Closeups of the guys in the middle.  Yep, I did not turndown the detail on them, they are the same as the front ranks.
The whites are all using Reaper Master Series warm bone paint triad.
 Enough Romans for awhile, I have a Mammoth on the Desk, and terrain.
Next up Vikings.


  1. Nice work on these as always, PC. Sounds like you're doing well too. I'm planning to sell off all my Warlord EIR stuff at our local big con next month. If they sell, I''m hoping to use the funds to possibly get some Aventine EIR or A&A Late-Romans :)

    1. Yea definitely improving. For me on the Romans, I have around 50 more in plastic that just need to be done, but I don't need a couple hundred of them.

    2. Good to hear that on your health. As far as the Warlord EIR, I like them, but have never gamed them, nor really plan to. I might be able to get away with a lot less figures using something like Lion Rampant for the Late-Romans. Best, Dean