Monday, April 13, 2015

More Vikings ready to pillage....Pics of Unit #2

Much like the first unit, this another big unit of Hersirs.  Heavily armed and armored. 
Similar to the other unit, I made up a movement tray with a bunch of eye candy to show off the unit.
This included various bits of armor, weapons, shields, bodies.  
I actually found painting the shields to be quite fun. The third guy from the right in the front rank is a converted Warlord Games barbarian.  The second guy from the right with the dane axe is a converted War Factory Games model.

Below is a better side view.
Views of the rear of the unit.  The second guy from the left is Gripping Beast plastic model wearing a cape from the Fire Forge knights.  The banner is also from the Fire Forge knights.

The beserker is an old metal Gripping Beast model.  Its really showing its age as a sculpt, not very good casting.  I plan on replacing all of those models, they are just very good looking.
Below a better view of the command.

 Closeup of probably a dead Saxon
Yep, I think he took a good hack to the upper body by the looks of it.  
And above is the unfortunate casualty for the Vikings.


  1. Very nice. I do like the shields, especially the blue/yellow swirled quartered one, looks very appealing.

    1. Thanks. Yea the blue and yellow ones are very striking. The red and whites are also favorites of mine. And I think I got good enough with them that from a distance you can not tell which ones are mine and which ones are transfers with a quick glance.

  2. Damn that is a good looking unit.
    I think I should really really start bringing forth the Norsemen to the painting table again...

    I just need to clean up some halfpainted units first that is.

    Great work.

    1. Thanks, wait until you see units 3 and 4 also.

  3. Ever impressive brushwork, PC. Love the shield work.