Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Bloodthirster....The Face to Fear

Yea, he's mean and ugly.  Lots of major and minor conversion work done on him. Fresh pics of him with my DSLR camera.  Even has some game table flock on him, as the model does get used.
This is a throwback to showing of my old stuff.  I converted and painted this monster back in 2008 to lead my all Khorne Demons fantasy army.  It was the center piece of the army that won me Best Appearance in Games Workshop's 2008 Chicago GT.   It also made first cut in the Golden Demon's Paint contest at Gamesday in the Monster category, which is really good for just an army piece. 
It is some of my better paint work, all brush work, no airbrush on this.  The left leg is moved forward, new whip handle, added armor, new tabard of chains, more hair, chains and skulls added to the wings like the Belakor demon prince.
The reds have tons of highlights and shades put into them.  The wings drove me insane painting them.
Changed the detail of the axe.  Added the skull for the belt line.
Added Khorne symbols to the axe.  Added the gauntlet, and the brass knuckles.
Removed all of the old skulls from the beltline and added more up to date skulls.  
The basing:  Yea I wanted to go with blood pools and not lava.  Everyone does lava.  To make mine different all of the basing for the army had a theme of hands coming up out of the pools of blood dragging humans and human body parts down to the depths of where ever Khorne comes from.  So simply I smoothed out all of the bases where the blood would be, added the bits, painted the reds for the pools and swirls, then when all done and sprayed with clear, I went back to the bases and covered all of the blood with high gloss urethane to make it pop.
 If you look really close at the highlighted Brass colors, you'll notice the use of a purple and green wash depending on how the light hits it.  Year their is also dark brown, black, and rust colored washes too, along with Vallejo Smoke.
So the model is nearly 7 years old, been used alot, has along with the rest of the army won me numerous tournament best appearance awards and is still holding up with only a minor paint chip and damage on one of the wings that I'll be repairing soon.

With the new plastic Blood Thirster having come out, at some point I will probably buy one, and downgrade this model to a Demon Prince for the army.   I have one more of these old metal Blood Thirsters, that I had always planned to convert and build, just didn't get around to it.  Its now on my desk being sketched on, and should make a nice Demon Prince model for my Chaos Warriors army of mutants.  Next time I paint something this large, the base coats are going to be laid down with my airbrushes.


  1. This model is really fantastic!
    The red wings are really rich. It really shows all the work you put into him. On most other versions of these figs, the wings end up a weak point because painters don't do the work. But the wings are a focal point on a figure like this and you have made them really stand out!
    It is amazing how the colored washes really add depth and interest to the metallic color. Well done!
    I have always really liked this miniature, and you have really done a superb job on him!