Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Warhammer 40k Basing, Blood Rage, Tre Manor's Kickstarter....

Okay....I've been away from 40k for a long time and have a bunch of Space Marines that I was chipping away at prior to surgery.  I don't have any current rule books, but I see all of this talk about changes in base sizes. 

Can someone tell me what is going on?

Blood Rage....holy smokes.  I decided to back this project, as just looks like some very cool minis at the very least.  Definitely see a Viking fantasy army in my future...Also jumped on the Adrian Smith art book, love his work.  He's not in the past been an artistic influence on me, because he's considerably younger than me, but I see some influence creeping in to my drawings and sketches.

Tre Manor, my favorite sculptor at the moment, has a kick starter for the Evil Chaos Barbarian types out there coming to an end.  If you like chaos like stuff these are nice figures.  I'll be backing it....


  1. Hey Shawn,

    Re: the Space Marine basing thing. Basically GW released some Blood Angel models last year with 32mm bases (instead of the standard 25mm). Their explanation was "that the sculptors liked the bigger area, allowed for more dynamic posing". So, apparently, over time all Space Marine in power armor will move to 32mm bases. Necrons will do the same. GW have also said "hey, if you don't want to change you don't have to, it's really up to you and makes no difference to us".

    Hope that helps : )

  2. Looks like we are going to see some interesting miniatures here in the future then, best of luck.

    1. Oh yea!....wait until you see the War Mammoth.