Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gettin' back at it with a bit of terrain

I was mistaken when last I posted, saying that I put together a 4Ground building.  It was actually a cheaper Bandua building, laser cut wood.  I would rather be at Adepticon, but during this recovery I'm feeling better, but there is no way I could drive and spend a bunch of time there in the condition that I'm currently in.  But I am getting a bit stronger and less fatigued each day, still on a 5 lb weight restriction, still weak, still a bit shaky and occasional balance issues, but getting better each day, each week.

So, onto the building.  Pretty dull looking structure, not much going on.  I wanted a more Dark Ages look than what it currently has.  So out came the popscicle-sticks and some Black Lava. first I was going to texture the whole roof with the black lava.  But it just was not turning me on.
Pictured below is the black lava texture gel that I was using, handy stuff, that you can supplement with ballast or sand.
So plan B.  Take out the Apoxie Sculp and start layering the thatch on the roof, I know I can drag crooked lines with sculpting tool.
More to follow....

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