Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Progress on the War Mammoth Howdah

 I chose Apoxie Sculpt for doing the wood grain on the Howdah.  Main reason for this is that it stays workable much longer than Green Stuff.

Side and front shots of the wood grain.  I think its turning out very good.  A week ago I probably could not have done this, but my hands this week are much more stable, less shaky, and my dexterity is coming back.
Only a bunch more planks to go, a few hours and it should be complete.  I've sketch out a bunch of stuff on the mammoth and will start a few things on it also using a mix of different putties.


  1. Very nice WIP, PC. You and Michael (Butcher's Bill) never cease to impress with your handiwork. I ran out of Green Stuff and figured I'd try out the old Milliput since I had a discount coupon for it. It seems pretty dry (flaky) compare to Green Stuff - so may have to use it only for certain projects.

    1. I have never liked Miliput. Tried it on and off for years, and finally gave up on it. Green and Brown stuff are much better, Butcher and I typically buy it in tubes. Apoxie Sculp I primarily use for basing and bulking out figures, it has its limitations and its uses. Magic Sculpt is another that I work with occasionally, its sort of inbetween Green and Brown in my opinion.