Monday, March 23, 2015

A new Chaos War Mammoth in WIP

So, back into the closet we go....and we find a LotR Mummak.  So next project is create a new Chaos War Mammoth, this time for my mutant marauder chaos army.  Above is the assembled howdah for the mammoth.  Not sure I will keep the back slide piece yet, may move that, or create a lower platform.
Will have to work on the positioning.  Below is a frontal view.
Could slide forward a bit.  I think the cardboard cutout was further forward.
Everything will be covered with a sculpted wood grain and of course chaos icons.  Still a work in progress....


  1. Nothing like an enormous scratch build/conversion to get you back in the game : )

    1. Yep. Go big or stay out of conversion game.

    2. And my shaky hands at the moment can definitely sculpt wood grain.