Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Recovering...whew

Found out how weak I am at the moment....just assembling a 4 Ground laser etch terrain piece for my Viking Saga.  But boy that brought joy....and sweat....things will get better....got a Viking longship to work with also, may add a second one.  Long ways to go, but this is the 2 week mark after 11 hours of surgery.

Thanks again to all of the well wishers, prayers and thoughts, and to the followers of my blog and other things. 


  1. Sir! Take it easy and relax. Vikings will wait for you. They always wait!

    1. Yea, but I think, the smile with the facial nerve recovery going on got a little better. Thanks, man.

  2. Looking eagerly forward to follow all your progresses in all your endeavors PCP. May the New Year of the goat brings you a quick recovery. Cheers from China

  3. Glad to hear! Best wishes from NZ

  4. Great to hear your recovering and for the updates.
    Wishing you the best. Just thinking of viking ships would make me feel better too